Disc Lock Reminder Key FAQ's

Q1. What stops somebody from stealing the key reminder?

As oppose to bike covers that can cost up to £60, bikers still buy them and use them on the street.

In our experience you don’t even notice the key in the ignition when it’s on the bike. A lot of our customers use them in the garage, under a bike cover or drive way etc, but of course we can’t guarantee it won’t be stolen, same scenario with the bike cover.

Kawasaki, Yamaha or any other manufacturer can’t say your bike wouldn’t get stolen.

We just hope, for as little as a price of a sandwich, it’s paid for itself many times over by the time you do lose it, that’s of course, you ever do, but you do have a spare with our great offer on selected items

Q2. What makes this better than the coil you attached to the lever and disc lock?

Believe it or not you can still ride off with the coil reminder attached as pointed out by some of our customers in our review page, if you approach the bike from the other side you can still easily miss it. 

Our key practically guarantees you’ll never ride off, simply because you can’t get the key in.

Also, the key is more practical, user friendly, stylish and as MCN put it, more pleasing to the eye. 

Q3, My ignition is under the tank, so I can't see the reminder?

The good thing with our Lock Mate Key, you don’t have to see it. As long as you can’t get the bike key in the ignition, the reminder is doing it’s job and you can’t ride off. Where as, the coil reminder is visual and you can still ride off. 🙁

It’s not there to remind thief’s you have a lock on, it’s there to stop you putting the key in and riding off!

Q4, What's going to remind me to put the reminder in?

As a disc lock user myself, I find in practice its reverse psychology. When I put the disc lock on, that reminds me to put the reminder in.